The rodent rambles…

Having, as we thought, safely imprisoned MR RAT in the guestroom with no way out and a bowl of rat bait, we were horrified to be woken up at 4am this morning with ‘ banging’ that seemed to be emanating from the kitchen.

Intrepid warrior WJJ, armed with a walking stick, ventured out of our bedroom and after listening to the ‘banging/thudding’ for a few seconds switched on the kitchen light. Predictably, all sounds ceased forthwith and silence reigned.

Eventually, we went back to sleep safely behind the closed bedroom door. Only to be woken again an hour later with the sounds of things falling and other things ‘ rattling’. (Am battling to describe the sounds!)

We decided to wait until daylight to further investigate and hopefully take steps to stop the property invasion at #6. (Topical subject this morning on the e-news channel!)

We found shampoo and bath toiletries lying in the bath; the hand sanitizer lying in the hand basin together with a blob of what must have been rat pooh. DOUBLE UGH!

The burning question is: did MR RAT then escape out of the open bathroom window?? At time of writing we do not know the answer to that question. There is no sign of the creature elsewhere and so the saga continues on this beautiful sunny morning this side of the mountain…..


2 thoughts on “The rodent rambles…

  1. Hi Eileen, I think that MR RAT this morning might possibly be MRS RAT – Have you considered maybe that MR RAT is still in the guest bedroom and MRS RAT is running around the bathroom getting all spruced up!


    • Because of the great Christmas dinner you gave us yesterday, I will refrain from making a remark about daughters-in-law!!! Your (really witty) comment nonetheless sends shivers up my spine!! We might well have to bring Sylvester over in a kittie basket to patrol the premises!


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