ODYSSEY : A fragile rebirth

Wow! Long time no talk!
Slowly, slowly catchee monkee…..

With immeasurable encouragement from the matchless Dr Anna Hall and her two ebullient, stunning daughters, I have joined a new lifestyle/weight-loss support group started three weeks ago.

Anna Hall, with her passion for patient education and care, has started the support group to assist those of us keen to pursue a healthy lifestyle coupled with a healthy weight.
We have formed a tremendously supportive, very informal support system and we meet every Tuesday evening at Dr Hall’s rooms in Monte Vista, just off the N1.

E-mails fly back and forth all week long and we also hang out in our own closed Facebook group. Anna prepares a short presentation to kick off each weekly session; on any health topic we choose. How cool (and generous) is that! I don’t think it is too late come join us; check out Dr Anna’s website!

So wish me luck with this new beginning which follows a really turbulent and challenging chapter in my life 🙂