#2015HereIAm … #LCHF #Banting @FatSecret Losing slowly

Just a quick report back. As of this morning, I am 4.5kg (a fraction under 10lb) down since Christmas day. Exactly 3 weeks ago, so this loss equates to 1.5kg (just over 3lb) per week. This is very good going for me and also the maximum that is wise for someone my age or, in fact, any age!

How have I done this would be the logical next question! ..?… Smile  Regrettably there are no magic potions despite many assertions to the contrary. I could sum it up by advocating 1) Mindful eating; 2) Water, water everywhere; 3) A food diary.

*Mindful eating*: Being really aware of what I am putting in my mouth. Making a conscious decision to ‘cheat’ sometimes. Resisting the temptations on my dining-room table – at lunchtimes in particular. We have a business colleague (M) who shares our offices here at home. WJJ makes lunch for the three of us daily. Fortunately in summer time that usually consists of good deli meat and salads. I use a good slather (?) of my own mayo and often 1 or 2 Life Bake toasts as well. WJJ and M will often have seed or wholewheat rolls and I respect their choice.Now, if I was confronted with soft, white hotdog rolls each day I might be tempted… !  I’m really lucky that WJJ is an early riser and I mostly get a breakfast of bacon & scrambled eggs cooked in butter. The day always starts with Kronung or Nescafe coffee & Clover cream to wake me up!

*Water, water everywhere*: I have had some challenges with drinking plain water. Without a flavouring of some kind. I used Slimsy or Sweeto and I really miss them. The Banting way does not use artificial sweeteners other than xylitol, erythritol or stevia. I bought a few small appliances to keep me on track and one of them is a Sodastream machine. My drink of choice is plain soda-streamed water. Sometimes with fresh lemon slices.


*A food diary*  Over many years, I have been advised by dietitians as well as my doctors to keep a food diary or food journal when on a weight loss regime. At one time, I even created an Excel workbook which enabled me to record all the Weigh-Less portions I was eating. The formulas even turned red when I went over the limit of any particular measured nutrient! Haha! I suppose I could still locate that workbook in the bowels of my PC somewhere. Banting, the RMR (Real Meal Revolution) version of LCHF eating, does not provide rigid plans and portions to be eaten. This has caused huge consternation for the “quick fix” seekers. I will go into this in future posts. Some aspects of the Banting craze in South Africa are causing me, and others, concern.

Being a number cruncher, I use digital means to record my food intake. And, believe me, it’s not half as much PT as one would imagine. I will be posting a series of “FatSecret” posts, detailing how I effortlessly incorporate a digital food diary/journal into my daily routine. Watch this space.

In a nutshell, I am trying very hard to only eat what I can measure, preferably unprocessed fresh food without packaging. Noakes advocates for this repeatedly and much of his exhortations are getting lost in the madness that is Banting/LCHF in South Africa.

Have a great day 🙂  I’ll be back! Just wanted to share a small victory along this tortuous path I am travelling.


#2015HereIAm … Keep meals very simple #LCHF #Banting

I thought I would quickly post what I’ve just had for lunch. Simple, simple, simple.

It’s a hot and quite windy day here in Cape Town and I am ‘back at work’.

2015-01-13 13.17.44

2 slices Life Bake Toast, each topped with 8g butter and a very thin shaved round of SPAR Chargrilled Ham on each.

The two stacks then piled up with lettuce, a slice of tomato, 2 slices of cucumber, slivers of orange sweet pepper and a very generous slathering of home-made mayo on each little stack.

Yummy and less than 5 minutes to put together.

And this is how my FatSecret food diary looks like for today so far. Pretty good.I’m sorry the pic does not seem to be too clear. 44% of calories consumed; 68/27/5 ratio FPC.

If I make sure that I record in my electronic food diary, I can see where I am heading each day. That appeals to the number cruncher that lives inside me!

FatSecret food diary 20150113

#2015HereIAm … #LCHF Lazy cook’s lunch

WJJ and I took the easy way out for lunch today. Huge tuna salads in porridge bowls. Gotta use those bowls for something, right? Haha

I’m avoiding shop bought mayonnaise as far as I possibly can and fortunately WJJ has approved my latest effort. Easy peasy lemon squeezy homemade mayo which will become a staple in my house from now on… I will post the recipe. Also as easy as falling off a log. #laziestcookonearth

Before Banting, we would have scoffed white hamburger rolls stuffed with this tuna mix. We didn’t even miss them.

2015-01-09 12.21.38

425g can PnP Chunk Tuna in Brine; finely chopped green pepper, red onion, tomato, cucumber. Lashings of home made mayo, salt & pepper. I really battled to finish mine and took several hours to do so. A planned electricity blackout is due in our area this evening so we’re sorted for the rest of the day!

Banting needs no fancy recipes nor special foods. Just good clean simple food; the best quality that your budget allows.

#2015HereIAm … Life begins.. #Banting #LCHF

2015-01-03 07.55.59

I wrote earlier today about a new Banting book out in South Africa.  In the foreword to this book, Dr Gail Ashford writes about the difficulties encountered in the lifestyle changes and challenges that 100% Banting imposes on us.

Hopefully neither Dr Ashford nor Marion Makepeace will object to me quoting the foreword here on my little blog.

These are the challenges I wrestle with every day and I am learning to take my progress day by day. To look at the next 5kg loss and improving health markers &  not the final destination of this odyssey.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

#2015HereIAm … It’s not easy #LCHF

There is a new Banting book out by a South African based in Johannesburg, Marion Makepeace. It’s called Everyday Banting. It’s a recipe book – yet so much more than that.

I’m going to list the Chapter headings to give you an idea:

Banting Basics; Equipment & shopping lists; Being Prepared; Ideas for entertaining & quick meals; Breads, pancakes, pizza bases & savoury biscuits.; Chicken & Fish; Meat & Mince; Snacks, light meals & lunchbox food; Salads, soups & vegetables; Savoury sauces & dressings; Desserts & sweet treats. Comprehensive to say the least.

What I like about the book is that it’s local, ‘everyday’ and the author deals with her own challenges and those of her partner with common-sense and fine cooking knowledge. In nine months, she has lost in excess of 26kg and gone down 4 dress sizes.

Oh! To have that same success in 2015. I’m certainly going to try emulating her success. BTW, I don’t know Marion Makepeace and she will no doubt be astonished at this glowing tribute.

In the past, on this blog, I have called myself “Laziest Cook on Earth”. I like food that is simple, fresh and above all quick to prepare. I am one of those people who, when I see a recipe with more than 6 ingredients, I turn the page! This is one of the reasons why I recommend this book.


#2015HereIAm … Just for today #LCHF

This is a text clipping from Libby’s (Ditch the Carbs website) post today for the New Year.

“New Year New You – Imagine yourself 6 months from now. Make 2015 your year to go sugar-free and low carb. Read the pages, and try to commit to even just a month to begin with. Get as many friends as you can to go on the journey with you. Be the best you can be this year. New Year New You.”

There are probably many of us so addicted and carbohydrate intolerant that to commit for a month may be too far a stretch.

What about the old “Day by Day” strategy? Just for today.
Just for today Bant 100%.
Just for today.

Surround yourself