Odyssey : Sunday’s weigh-in showdown!!!

For years, I have logged my weight first thing on a Sunday morning. I do sometimes weigh in during the week as well but it’s probably not a good thing to do if the results checked on a daily basis are likely to throw one off course.

I can say with honesty that I do not get all upset if I have gained weight. I will ALWAYS know why I have gained!! 😦   

Readers who honour me by subscribing to this blog will know that my Odyssey has been a ‘mixed bag’ of a spectacular (if I say so myself!) success of 25kg lost and then a stumbling, erratic climb in weight. About 15kg regained in fact. Hating to admit that!!

The reasons for losing my way on the Odyssey are legion and would fill a dozen posts. I will spare you all that pain!

In future posts though, I will refer to the various factors that caused my wandering off the path; that is what an odyssey is, not so?  🙂

OK, Eileen, let’s cut to the chase!  Tra-la!! … 2.2kg lost since 18th December. 2.2kg in 4 weeks – about spot-on per target of .5kg per week. And that over the festive season.

Sorry, being cocky here I know but taking a bow here and patting myself on the back…hhmm.. difficult to do at the same time… !!!! 

Have a great Sunday xx