All creatures great and small …

Do you know the feeling “I’m losing it!” ?

Well, I felt like that a while ago – cannot remember when exactly ha ha!! – while sitting staring at the TV screen one evening. All of a sudden I gave WJJ the fright of his life by letting out a shriek. I thought I had seen a rat – yes, a RAT – scurry out from behind the TV and disappear behind a couch. WJJ looked at me as if I was totally insane and I subsided in my chair, convincing myself that it must have been a fleeting shadow of some kind on my specs lens.

Last evening, Christmas Eve, we were sitting in the same places – so boring – flipping channels once again when from behind a couch – no the other couch – THE RAT ran towards me. Yes, THE RAT I was sure I must have imagined. Well, this time my shriek was probably heard all over Milnerton. Well ok, all over our block of flats. The petrified animal stopped in its tracks and hurtled back the way it had come, streaked under the dining table and out of the sitting room into the passage leading to the open front door.

WJJ was by this time out of his chair and together we saw the bloody creature divert his charge into the guestroom. Luckily I have WJJ to corroborate that this rodent is LARGE and has a tail as long as his body.

He – must be a he – has hidden himself in the guestroom which is amazing as the room is sparsely furnished with a double bed and that’s about it by way of furnishings. Stupid creature should have charged right out the front door – I said it must be a he.

We spent Christmas eve barricaded in our bedroom, all other doors closed and MR RAT left to his own devices in the guestroom with a bowl of rat poisin strategically placed on the floor. After all, where on earth would we have found a pest exterminator on Christmas eve? At least PnP was still open.

Today was spent out and this evening an inspection by brave WJJ – not me, of course – reveals that the rat bait has been eaten but MR RAT himself is lying doggo somewhere – probably burrowed into the base of the bed! Ugh!! The guestroom door remains safely locked and newspaper rolls have been rammed into the 2cm gap at the bottom of the door.

Hopefully, we will be able to locate a pest exterminator on Monday – rest assured I will be safely ensconced in the office in #8 – I have a lot of work to do.


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