So 2016 is here.Big Deal.Not.

2016-01-03 13.11.10

Wooden wine crate seen at The Goatshed, Fairview Wine Estate, Paarl.  Geddit?! 🙂

I’m reconnecting with this poor neglected blog and testing Live Writer on new Windows 10 machine.

2016 rather slithered into my life like a damp squib. (Does a damp squib slither though!?)

I’ll have up my game to get things humming along again.

My wish is that 2016 will bring you all everything you could ever wish for yourselves.






Crazy thing to write about, hey?

When we moved to La Rochelle, we realised that if we were to make any kind of start on re-vamping the garden, we would have to – sadly – remove a VERY tall, VERY messy and VERY old palm tree. This was not an easy decision as this tree must have been all of 50 to 60 years old.

We were told by one of the very interested neighbours that gathered to watch the spectacle that the tree would have been planted near the original opstal of the now disappeared La Rochelle vineyard. Be that as it may (and I will try to look it up when I have a mo’), Marc had obtained quotes to remove this monster speciman. They ranged from R10 000 down to R3 600! Not cheap.

The decision duly made, we gave the work to a very experienced tree feller who moved in with alacrity. I think work was a little slow in his business.

Herewith some shots of the grand old tree for posterity. Farewell oh mighty one. RIP.


You can see the height of the palm in relation to the corner of the house roof just visible on the right.


The tree feller was perfectly nonchalant about his task.


The tree feller did concede that our tree was the tallest he had ever had to tackle.

I also have a very short video of our tree’s final moments – but have to upload to web and then insert in this post. Will try to do that sometime as the .mov file I have is unacceptable for upload!

Blogging : a change of scenery

Along with new resolutions about the resumption of the great Odyssey, I decided to change the theme of my blog. Do come visit on line and let me know what you think.

I chose this theme in particular as the lovely picture reminds me so much of a little place called Gwaing River Mouth just outside George on the Garden Route.

We visited there some years back and found an abandoned caravan park there overlooking THE most amazing little cove with a tiny strip of white beach sand and towering cliffs on each side.

Lovely as it was, the scene was made truly memorable as we watched a baby dolphin surf the waves reaching the white beach sand. The little animal was having the time of it’s life – surfing in, turning around, swimming out a way and coming right back in again on the next wave! It was a cute and amazing sight; we watched for a very long time. I only wish I had photos or a video of that special event.

The biggest show on earth


“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”

– Mark Twain –

Well, IT has arrived. As if you didn’t know. The SWC. The show that has cost us billions. The Cape Times headline says “Zille says the hangover will be worth it.” I sure hope so Helen.

Like so many millions today, I will be watching the opening ceremony as well as Bafana’s debut against Mexico. Our car even has those ridiculous little side mirror muffs on it; courtesy of the Chinese who will probably make more out of the World Cup than ordinary South Africans will.

Our boys seem to have got at least some mojo going at last. Wiki mentions movie mojo as in “the sexual charm of Austin Powers”. Yeah right. Give me George Clooney any day.

Hopefully, we can escape the dire results of the vuvuzela pestilence and enjoy the beautiful game. For beautiful game it certainly is when played by the best in the world. The best, of course, does not include Mr McCarthy who thought he was a shoo-in. Tough lesson to learn Benni. Pity about Becks; he is a rather sexy fellow – until he opens his mouth that is!

Have a great World Cup day!