Crazy thing to write about, hey?

When we moved to La Rochelle, we realised that if we were to make any kind of start on re-vamping the garden, we would have to – sadly – remove a VERY tall, VERY messy and VERY old palm tree. This was not an easy decision as this tree must have been all of 50 to 60 years old.

We were told by one of the very interested neighbours that gathered to watch the spectacle that the tree would have been planted near the original opstal of the now disappeared La Rochelle vineyard. Be that as it may (and I will try to look it up when I have a mo’), Marc had obtained quotes to remove this monster speciman. They ranged from R10 000 down to R3 600! Not cheap.

The decision duly made, we gave the work to a very experienced tree feller who moved in with alacrity. I think work was a little slow in his business.

Herewith some shots of the grand old tree for posterity. Farewell oh mighty one. RIP.


You can see the height of the palm in relation to the corner of the house roof just visible on the right.


The tree feller was perfectly nonchalant about his task.


The tree feller did concede that our tree was the tallest he had ever had to tackle.

I also have a very short video of our tree’s final moments – but have to upload to web and then insert in this post. Will try to do that sometime as the .mov file I have is unacceptable for upload!