A change of scenery

I’ve changed my blog header this morning to reflect yet another tranquil scene. Maybe these tranquil scenes I choose are indicative of my perpetual search for peace and, yes, tranquility. 🙂

The difference this time is that the beautiful shot was taken by me recently while on holiday in rural France. The river is the Dordogne as it moves at a leisurely pace through the city of Perigueux, situated in Aquitaine, South Western France.

We picnicked on the bank of the river and baquettes with cheese and wine have never tasted so good.

Fat foibles

Fat foibles

A sensible approach to Banting.

Primal Perks

There are lots of people Banting but not everyone is losing weight. This is especially true in the female population of Banters.  It is not that the Banting way of eating doesn’t work for them. They just might not be doing it correctly.  For the record, I believe Banting is a healthy way of eating for everyone. Fat or thin, young or old. Cutting out grains, sugar, toxic seed oils and processed food is going to seriously improve many aspects of your health. But you could pile on the kilos (or not lose any) if you don’t pay attention to how much fat you are eating.

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Gremlins and ghosts

An email I wrote to a client mysteriously appeared on this blog about 45 minutes ago!!!
Many thanks to a vigilant subscriber who advised me of this.

A relative’s SKYPE was hacked very recently (through Hotmail) so strange things are happening!!

The email has, of course, now been removed from this blog……… ggrrr…..

All the best to you all

Odyssey : Sunday’s weigh-in showdown!!!

For years, I have logged my weight first thing on a Sunday morning. I do sometimes weigh in during the week as well but it’s probably not a good thing to do if the results checked on a daily basis are likely to throw one off course.

I can say with honesty that I do not get all upset if I have gained weight. I will ALWAYS know why I have gained!! 😦   

Readers who honour me by subscribing to this blog will know that my Odyssey has been a ‘mixed bag’ of a spectacular (if I say so myself!) success of 25kg lost and then a stumbling, erratic climb in weight. About 15kg regained in fact. Hating to admit that!!

The reasons for losing my way on the Odyssey are legion and would fill a dozen posts. I will spare you all that pain!

In future posts though, I will refer to the various factors that caused my wandering off the path; that is what an odyssey is, not so?  🙂

OK, Eileen, let’s cut to the chase!  Tra-la!! … 2.2kg lost since 18th December. 2.2kg in 4 weeks – about spot-on per target of .5kg per week. And that over the festive season.

Sorry, being cocky here I know but taking a bow here and patting myself on the back…hhmm.. difficult to do at the same time… !!!! 

Have a great Sunday xx



ODYSSEY : A fragile rebirth

Wow! Long time no talk!
Slowly, slowly catchee monkee…..

With immeasurable encouragement from the matchless Dr Anna Hall and her two ebullient, stunning daughters, I have joined a new lifestyle/weight-loss support group started three weeks ago.

Anna Hall, with her passion for patient education and care, has started the support group to assist those of us keen to pursue a healthy lifestyle coupled with a healthy weight.
We have formed a tremendously supportive, very informal support system and we meet every Tuesday evening at Dr Hall’s rooms in Monte Vista, just off the N1.

E-mails fly back and forth all week long and we also hang out in our own closed Facebook group. Anna prepares a short presentation to kick off each weekly session; on any health topic we choose. How cool (and generous) is that! I don’t think it is too late come join us; check out Dr Anna’s website!

So wish me luck with this new beginning which follows a really turbulent and challenging chapter in my life 🙂

ODYSSEY : INTERRUPTED : Is the mojo still there?

This is a test post using the ‘e-mail a post’ facility.
You enable post by email on your dashboard and a secret email address is auto generated.
And that is the address you use to just email a quick post to your blog.

I am dealing with some very serious stress at this time – so no time to post but will be doing so again soon.
Time, tide and SARS wait for no man (or woman)!