My Ultimate Breakfast

After much trial and error I have come up with, for me, the ultimate breakfast. Fat free, low GI, and sustaining energy until it’s time to eat again! You may like to try it.

Some days writing comes to me easily; and on days like today it does not! So I will just jump right in and post my breakfast ‘concoction’!
You will need:-

20g (scant 1/3 cup) traditional oats.
(I also use All Bran flakes as a change – larger quantity)
⅛ tsp Low salt
10g (rounded dessertspoon) raw oat bran
10g (rounded dessertspoon) lightly ground seeds (Miracles Plus Plus)
10g (rounded dessertspoon) goji berries – say “go-chee”!
1/3 cup (82ml) fat free milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon (I use organic for what it’s worth!)
1 x sachet Fibre Clear
Sweetener of your choice. Optional.
I use an outrageously expensive sweetener called Sweet Pea. A mixture of erythritol and stevia – looks and tastes like sugar. Zero kj; zero GI; zero GL!

Microwave the oats, salt and enough cold water to form a soft porridge.
Then add the raw oat bran, seeds, goji berries, cinnamon and Fibre Clear.
Add about 1/3 cup fat free milk and sweetener to taste.

Enjoy! I love my creation and it really does hold me until late morning or even lunchtime!