#2015HereIAm … The smallest of action..


I’ve always been long on theory and short on action! Maybe it’s a senior citizen thing to be a little introspective at this time of year. Then again, maybe not. Possibly it’s the youngsters who still make New Year’s Resolutions!

smallest of action


2 thoughts on “#2015HereIAm … The smallest of action..

  1. No no , the old ballies also make resolutions! have just been for a bracing walk in the rain to prove it!! am ‘Banting’ but nothing to show for it yet, despite buying the book and the Tshirt!! love M xx


    • ROFL! We do really don’t we?!
      Walking is good, always very good.
      Banting is not an easy transition.If I can offer any suggestion at all, do not try to circumvent the system. If you land up ‘doing’ HFHPHC instead of LCHF you will be in trouble.
      Bear in mind, the regime is just another version of the low carb diets with the unique quirks the locals have come up with. The HF can be a challenge; NB lots of vege fat such as avo is imperative.
      I will be writing about how I use FatSecret to monitor what I eat. One can overeat so easily when given free reign…..


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