2015#HereICome … what a great LCHF website this is!

No! Not this mish-mash blog of mine! I meant:


A veritable cornucopia of information, recipes and plain common-sense. I also like the fact that the owner is based in New Zealand so all measurements are given in metric as we understand them in RSA as well.

From time to time, I deem it necessary to share the good stuff I find on my cyber travels!

When you have a mo’, do check it out.


3 thoughts on “2015#HereICome … what a great LCHF website this is!

  1. Hi dear Eileen Interested to see you’re extolling the virtues of LCHF now instead of WL or WW. From wine I’ve switched to the occasional glass of Gin and Soda water, or Whisky and Soda water. I love it! but was wondering if the soda water is ‘kosher’ to drink on this diet? love from Marilyn


    • Hi my friend. Alcohol is fine if you’re still losing. If following the Banting version of LCHF, dry wine is fine. I like a glass of Merlot of an evening, if I remember to pour some! Soda water is totally fine; I got a Sodastream and keep about 3 litres of “Sodastreamed” water in the fridge at all times. The grog would definitely be more of a question than soda water! 🙂
      WL was fine up to a point; WW I have never followed. I’ve met Noakes several times briefly and do favour the approach. I will be talking about all sorts in 2015, I will have more time to devote to moi this coming year. 2014 has been hectic and 2015 promises to be less so. xoxo


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