Listen up 2015! Here.I.Come!

I’m enjoying a short period of less hectic days and this will continue for a couple of weeks. Bliss! Trying to get office stuff done quite promptly in the morning and then indulging myself for the rest of the day.

As for many of us, 2014 was a mixed bag – the proverbial good, bad and the ugly. I wrestled the entire year with my weight and worrying health markers.

A battle plan is in progress for 2015 and I will be sharing all here on this neglected blog. Not easy to bare one’s soul for the whole world to see but I will be doing this anyway.

I would so love to have you join me as the odyssey continues……

This pic sorta says it all!  🙂



2 thoughts on “Listen up 2015! Here.I.Come!

  1. Well said Eileen – I guess we should adopt the Nike slogan – “Just do it!” i.e. just get started.

    *Medical advice, opinions or comments in this mail are of a general nature only, and cannot replace diagnosis and treatment based on a clinical examination of the patient.*

    Dr. Anna G. Hall B Soc Sc(SW), MB ChB(UCT) CDE Rooms: 021 558 1129 Fax : 086 516 3994


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