5 thoughts on “2013 New beginnings?

  1. OK! This worked from my phone. Excellent.
    Maybe I will be able to post more often in 2013.
    Have made some decisions and will be trying my damndest to follow through on them!


  2. A test reply. Yes, let’s hope we all tackle this year with enthusiasm – after all the festive leftovers are tossed from the fridge!!!!


    • I can’t explain why but I feel a sense of optimism for 2013. Maybe due to two anni horribiles in 2011 and 2012!

      Yup, all festive leftovers gone, fridge looking very bare and I have to do a grocery list fast.

      Check my halo – I very nobly shared a slab of Lindt 70% with my family lunch guests yesterday. So much safer that way! I got just one square so that wasn’t too bad. Besides 70%+ plain chocolate is good – in minute quantities!!!


    • Derrick, how absolutely great to hear from you 🙂
      Thank you for commenting and the encouragement.

      Back at my desk today 😦 So much to do; so little time.
      Absolutely determined to sort myself out this year!

      All the very best from my laptop for 2013!!! LOL Please let us know how you are?


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