Odyssey : Sunday’s weigh-in showdown!!!

For years, I have logged my weight first thing on a Sunday morning. I do sometimes weigh in during the week as well but it’s probably not a good thing to do if the results checked on a daily basis are likely to throw one off course.

I can say with honesty that I do not get all upset if I have gained weight. I will ALWAYS know why I have gained!! 😦   

Readers who honour me by subscribing to this blog will know that my Odyssey has been a ‘mixed bag’ of a spectacular (if I say so myself!) success of 25kg lost and then a stumbling, erratic climb in weight. About 15kg regained in fact. Hating to admit that!!

The reasons for losing my way on the Odyssey are legion and would fill a dozen posts. I will spare you all that pain!

In future posts though, I will refer to the various factors that caused my wandering off the path; that is what an odyssey is, not so?  🙂

OK, Eileen, let’s cut to the chase!  Tra-la!! … 2.2kg lost since 18th December. 2.2kg in 4 weeks – about spot-on per target of .5kg per week. And that over the festive season.

Sorry, being cocky here I know but taking a bow here and patting myself on the back…hhmm.. difficult to do at the same time… !!!! 

Have a great Sunday xx




6 thoughts on “Odyssey : Sunday’s weigh-in showdown!!!

    • Thank you so much; your encouragement is much appreciated Val 🙂
      Sure is a torrid journey and a total lifestyle re-vamp which must be maintained and that was my downfall. Business challenges and c for serious stress blew me way off course.
      We are SO SO SO lucky here in CT to belong to a lifestyle group led by my mentor and close friend Dr Anna Hall. Our latest module of 12 weeks starts on Tuesday evening and cannot wait to get going after the holiday hiatus.


  1. Hi Eileen, this is wonderful that you’ve started a Blog and I look forward to following your journey. Pop around to mine, it’s just a fun, crafty blog where I share my hobby of making handmade cards with the rest of blogland. I have made wonderful friendships worldwide and love it! See you on Tuesday, hugs Sharon


    • Hi Sharon, the blog was started back in 2009 so quite a lot of my soul bared therein!!!

      Have very happily registered as a follower on your blog. Wow!!!! Am I impressed!!!!! I mean seriously impressed.
      I LOVE crafts and have dabbled over many years with many things. We seem to have a lot in common and I am delighted we will be connecting on Tuesdays in person! # xoxo E


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