ODYSSEY : A fragile rebirth

Wow! Long time no talk!
Slowly, slowly catchee monkee…..

With immeasurable encouragement from the matchless Dr Anna Hall and her two ebullient, stunning daughters, I have joined a new lifestyle/weight-loss support group started three weeks ago.

Anna Hall, with her passion for patient education and care, has started the support group to assist those of us keen to pursue a healthy lifestyle coupled with a healthy weight.
We have formed a tremendously supportive, very informal support system and we meet every Tuesday evening at Dr Hall’s rooms in Monte Vista, just off the N1.

E-mails fly back and forth all week long and we also hang out in our own closed Facebook group. Anna prepares a short presentation to kick off each weekly session; on any health topic we choose. How cool (and generous) is that! I don’t think it is too late come join us; check out Dr Anna’s website!

So wish me luck with this new beginning which follows a really turbulent and challenging chapter in my life 🙂


2 thoughts on “ODYSSEY : A fragile rebirth

  1. Hi my dear friend 🙂
    Yeah, the group is great. We doing well and learning SO much.
    Went for the full Monty in blood tests this morning to see what havoc I have caused by being off my beloved Odyssey since late last year.
    Enough, she cried! She be back!
    Talk soon. With your jaunts here, there and everywhere, when are we seeing you in CT again?! Seychelles this time nogal! Lives of the rich and famous!


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