Wellness journey : spoil yourself a little!

Hello everyone đŸ™‚

On what can be a very long journey to optimum wellness and ideal weight, we sometimes need a treat. Something out of the ordinary to look forward to and experience. To get our minds off our eternal preoccupation with eating plans and exercise schedules.

I had such an experience today. A wonderful pre-birthday gift from a guardian angel who has come into my life.

At a recent networking breakfast for women business owners, I met an enterprising young woman who is passionate about  aromatherapy, reflexology massage and – of all things – she is passionate about foot care. This was, of course, of interest to me as a diabetic needing to take special care of my feet.

For the first time in my life, I was treated to a full body aromatherapy massage. From head to toes, I was pampered with lavender-based oils and hot stones warming my tired muscles – all in the comfort of my own home. Wonderful!

Treating ourselves to something we really enjoy can make all the difference to our frame of mind. It need not be anything that costs a fortune.  Not at all. A little downtime for your favourite hobby? A good sleep? A new lipstick?  Coffee with a friend?

I took a dear friend with me to a card-making session on Saturday morning. We had a great morning, totally relaxed, ‘sticking bits of paper to cardboard’, as one of my very cheeky sons put it!

On your own journey to wellness, try to find time to treat yourself.  It makes the world of difference!


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