What’s the score?

In our family, that question almost always means that someone is asking the rugby score. Usually it also means the score in a game involving the Sharks!  As ex-KZNatalians, we are often berated for being disloyal to the local Stormers squad – but that’s how it is. Once a Sharks fan always a Sharks fan it seems!

I am not a huge rugby fan although I have done my fair share of screaming for our team from the sidelines; especially at schoolboy matches. Not unusual for the mother of 3 sons!  I usually only become interested if our team is still in contention near the end of a series. 

One score both W & I ARE interested in is our weight! Now back in CT, we both climbed on the scale first thing this morning to assess the ‘damage’ caused by our wonderful break at Mossel Bay. Also not forgetting the lovely roast leg of lamb dinner plus ‘ Jan Ellis Pudding’  we were treated to at the home of W’s sisters in Dana Bay. (You truly do not want to know the ingredients used for Jan Ellis Pudding! Needless to say, it tastes divine!)

The sisters plus W and I were a gang of 4 when we lived there in 2003-2005 and we had some great times together.  Not sure why but I was quite heartsore to visit there this time and realise that the gang of 4 was down to a twosome again.

Enough of that! On to the subject at hand – the ‘damage’. I should not really use that word as a slight weight gain on holiday is par for the course – (Pinnacle Point course ha ha!!).

W returned home 0.1kg lighter than he was and we can put that down to some pretty long walks on very hilly terrain. He also enjoyed a wonderful +-9km walk with M & J along the now disused railway line from Wilderness to Victoria Bay. Those of you that know that area will know what a beautiful stretch of Garden Route coast that is; Outeniqua Choo-Choo country.  A cloudy day also made for comfortable walking. All in all I would say that W walked about 15km while away and this paid dividends in increased fitness, no weight gain and a complete disappearance of stress.

My result was also pretty good – no loss but a slight gain of 0.4kg for the 7 days away. I am not in any way bothered by this and will simply re-direct my energies to continue the odyssey. W has just walked in with some yummy plums – those firm  ‘black’ skinned ones.  Not a huge plum fan but these are really lekker! Golden yellow  flesh and they do not drip all over you like some plums do! Holford would be pleased – he promotes dark coloured  fuit & veg choices almost ad nauseum!

The odyssey (‘ a series of wanderings’ remember!) continues – the green (actual) line on my Excel chart will be meandering above the solid red (target) line  at the moment but the downward momentum continues. 

I urge you to persevere with your own odyssey – whatever goal you have – it IS achievable

If you have stalled on the trip; if you have lost direction; if you are feeling de-motivated or overwhelmed by what you see as an unachievable task, I encourage you to :

Stop. take stock. re-define your goals. plan your strategy. move ahead. Baby steps are all that is required; as long as these steps are consistently applied, you WILL get there!

Another wonderful thing about an odyssey is that no matter how many times you stop and wander off the track along the way, you will reach your destination if you just keep on plodding along in the right direction!


4 thoughts on “What’s the score?

  1. Hi there!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks (you dropped by and left me a message on Health24.com blogs). 🙂

    Thank you – for being so honest. And so inspiring!

    I am glad you had a wonderful holiday. And you didn’t put on much at all – well done! That should come off in no time again!


  2. Hi Alice!

    Thanks so much for the kind comments! Comments are always so welcome as I then know that I am not only talking to myself!!

    All the best – I will visit you again soon too, E


  3. Well Done you guys on your minimal weight “gain” ! I really think that all of us in the family would agree, our work makes us sit on our bums most of the day so being on Holiday is exercise in itself – pity we can’t be on holiday more often!
    My scale is broken so I can’t tell what the holiday did – but I know I feel better moving around more….


  4. Hello Aunty E
    Again, I’m super impressed with your inspiring writing. As a dietitian sometimes I feel people snicker at me when I advise them on a healthy lifestyle (I’m hoping this is more paranoia than reality, but I think this it’s the plight of many a dietitian lol) – thinking ‘ you don’t know what it’s like, how dare you advise me on what to do’ [Mind you, I was about 7 kg heavier when I left university and had to sort out some of my own food issues.]
    That’s where your blog becomes so valuable – you’re actually going through this – and you’re being real when you write about e.g. the more challenging times such as going on holiday – it’s really inspiring and encouraging.
    On another note – I’m also excited by the principles of the low GI diet – been brushing up on some of the newest review articles which show good evidence for the benefits – weight reduction, improved insulin sensitivity and improved blood lipids. And since applying more of it in the form of chick peas, seeded bread and more veggies, I’ve found I’ve had more energy and less moodiness. Hooray 🙂
    Your new photo’s are great too, glad you enjoyed your time in Mossel Bay x


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