Winter eating……..1

Hello everyone

I see that a friend of mine is looking for low GI rusks – fat free or sugar free she requests – to have on hand in Winter. Just about everybody I know loves to dunk a rusk in coffee when it’s cold and we’re looking for comfort food. Trouble is we (or at least I) get carried away and we can dunk and enjoy a few rusks before we realise it and ruin our good intentions for the day.

You may like to try the OUMA Nutri Rusks that are GIFSA as well as Diabetes SA approved. Intermediate GI and quite fine for occasional use.

The other option – which I am keen on if I can find someone who would bake them for me – is to use one of the true low GI rusk recipes in any of the “Eating for Sustained Energy” books by Liesbet Delport and Gabi Steenkamp.

There are home bakers selling what they call low GI rusks at stalls but they cannot give me the exact ingredients so the true nutritional value of these ‘ low GI’ rusks is unknown and therefore unacceptable for me.

So, if there is a domestic goddess out there who would be willing to bake exactly as per recipe for me, I would be very pleased to be her first client! I would supply all the ingredients!


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