My guiding light…

Today will be the most torrid of the whole financial/tax year for me and for those like me who labour in the bookkeeping and accounting profession. A short month and on top of that the last day of the Year falls on a Sunday so we all have to have our returns in by midnight tonight. Aagh.. but for the wonders of SARS e-filing we would all be in a lot more trouble than we are already!

But that’s not what I actually want to write about.

It is a measure of my respect and trust that I will be making the time (on ‘Year End’ nogal!) to attend a seminar this evening presented by my guiding light, Dr Anna Hall. An expert medical practitioner and educator in all aspects of heart disease and lifestyle-related conditions, Dr Hall will be talking (and illustrating) to us about heart conditions, stents and all things ‘heart related’.

There will also be a presentation by a IT masters graduate providing information and illustrating how to (and how not to) look for reliable medical information on the WWW – world wide web. Good stuff.

Anna Hall’s informal seminars are always fun, informative and very interesting. The next seminar will be all about diabetes. Click on the link provided to visit her website and contact her if these regular seminars would be of interest and assistance to you.


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