I am really upset…..

Today I learned that a friend and business colleague of mine has had his right foot amputated this last week. No prizes for guessing that he is a diabetic.

T scraped his foot in the swimming pool of the retirement village where he resides at Christmas time. Little did he know that less than 2 months later he would have first his toes,then his foot, then a few more cms of his leg amputated. The scrape on his foot did not heal, gangrene was a problem, his medical advisors tried all they could to save the foot without success.

An angiogram further revealed little circulation in the right leg below the knee and two weeks of sustained exercise under supervision did not help. We are told that a stent has been inserted to improve circulation to the stump; apparently successfully. A prosthesis (sp?) will be made and he should recover in due course.

The whole distressing matter has, once again, brought home to me that diabetes is a deadly disease and those who tend to take it lightly are literally playing with their lives. There is no such thing as mild diabetes.
You either have it or you don’t. It is not ‘ better’ to have type 2 rather than type 1. I could go on about this for pages but I think I have made my point.

May I strongly recommend having your glucose levels checked immediately if you have never done so.
May I strongly recommend that if you are already pre-diabetic that you take the matter VERY seriously.
May I strongly recommend that you implement lifestyle and dietary changes as a matter of urgency.


3 thoughts on “I am really upset…..

  1. Geez, that is horrifying! I feel so sorry for him. As you so rightly say – Diabetes is a terrible disease – and should never be taken lightly!


    • Thanks for your input Marc! So true what you say. I will be posting soon on a topic that also needs to be aired. The post will be called “A bit of..” -watch for it!! 🙂


  2. E, so sorry to hear about your friend. You cannot repeat often enough the message you have put out : BE AWARE, INFORM YOURSELF, DO NOT MAKE LIGHT OF DIABETES.Yes it is manageable, yes it can be controlled, but it needs constant vigilance – there really is no room for complacency, is there?. I hope your friend recovers soon.


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