Winter is just around the corner.1

Yebo, winter is just around the corner. Let’s prepare for it.
I for one have to; my goal weight target date is bang in the middle of it and that is not negotiable!

In our part of the world here in Cape Town, we see a distinct change in daylight hours from summer into winter. In winter we travel to work in pitch blackness lit by street lights. Added to that misery, we have a mediterranean climate with wet winters. So driving to work – and maybe dropping sleepy kids off at creche on the way – can be a really miserable experience.

I was saying to WJJ this morning that we all get the munchies in winter. Hot soup or hot chocolate are real comfort foods when you are cold, wet and tired. I will be looking at freezing soups in controlled portions and have found a product at my supermarket that you may like to consider:

Tuffy Fill ‘n Freeze Self Standing Resealable Storage Pouches

Wow, that’s a mouthful isn’t it!
Check them out – they hold 1 litre of liquid – and they could be used & re-used through the cold season.
Not only for soup but for pasta sauces etc.


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