Fiddler … not on the roof

I confess to being a fiddler.
What do I fiddle with? Now that would be telling wouldn’t it?!

Seriously, I am a fiddler in the sense that I cannot leave well alone. When I draft a post for this blog, I fiddle with it. I change the wording, I check repeatedly for spelling errors and typo’s, I delete whole paragraphs and re-do them.

In other words, I waste time and often at the end of it all, I just trash the post because it’s “not good enough” to post. I dislike spelling errors – we’ve got spellcheck these days for goodness sake – especially in newspaper advertisements. I mutter with annoyance when I see a “chest of draws” or a “four draw filing cabinet” for sale. (Makro sometimes!)

BUT, I have decided to stop fiddling with spelling and grammar as far as I can and ‘publish and be damned’! Maybe that way my faithful subscribers (thank you people!) will see more posts from me and maybe gain some inspiration on their own respective odysseys. Hope so.


2 thoughts on “Fiddler … not on the roof

  1. Eillen

    I do much of the same. Sometimes it takes me an hour or two to make a post. Some, for one reason or another never get posted. I write all my posts in Microsoft word and copy and paste them. It corrects my spelling as I write. Or at least if tells me when I have to correct what words.

    It seems like all the hard work you put into your post shows. I read your blog and think your doing an excellent job.


    • Hi 🙂
      Thank you so much for the comment and compliment. Much appreciated! With seldom a comment left on my scribblings, I often feel like I am writing into fresh air!
      I have now also resorted to using Word and then doing the copy/paste thing.
      What does drive me mad though is that any table that I insert in the Word doc is simply ignored and the contents of each line/column come out all bunched up to the left.
      My son M showed me how to do something or other in HTML and we got the latest tables for BMI and BF% to print sorta right!


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